Tuesday, April 4, 2017


My list
1. One of my favorite things to do outside of schools is to play football with my friends. 

2. I really love to exercise with my mom or family members or at least with someone.

3. I also really like to play video games, most of the time alone but sometimes I also like to play with a friend or someone. 

4. I always like to ride my bike everyday when I throw out the trash and I also like to ride around the houses were I live no reason. It just makes be relax and makes me feel free. 

5. I also really like to enjoy eating food, but not any type of food. My favorite types of food are cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. 

6. One of my favorite things to to when I'm home is to dance with my mom and sister.  

7. I love to play music all the time with musical instruments. My favorite instruments to play are the saxophone, base clarinet, and the recorder. 

                                                            Things I would like to learn

 1. One thing that I have always wanted to learn how to do is to cook real food. 

 2. I have always wanted to know how to draw or paint something really professionally.

 3. I have always wanted design my own house to live in. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017


This picture right here is my favorite out of all the 3 for many reasons. One of the reasons would be because when I used the marque/selection tool on the football player shown in the picture, I did it correctly and change the whole picture besides the player. I also change the brightness and change the background color.

I did some pretty basic stuff in this photo and not really that I'm proud of. For example, I used the selection tool to select the cat figure so I could color the background blue. However, I did make a few mistakes within the process. So I had to use the eraser tool to get rid of the mistakes that I did.

I really didn't like what I did in this picture for many reasons. One of the main one reasons why I don't like this one is because I made so many mistakes that I didn't mean to make. My original plan was to try to color the dog green with blue by using the color tool and the selection tool.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


All the colors that I use to make this logo represent all my favorite colors and the creativity added to it. So one of the things I did was ungroup the letters and then separate them and then after that I group them back together again. Another thing I did was rate a circle and then cut it in half so I could make the rainbow. The last final thing I did was to make the star and then make it smaller and then rotate it to a certain position that I was ask to. I think this represents me because it has all my favorite colors and one of my favorite types of hand writing. The funnest part that I did was to try to make the stars perfect. The most challenging part for me was to make the rainbow part.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Vector Vs Raster- Dig com

One of the differences between vectors and rasters is that when you’re using vector in illustrator, the image looks a lot clearer and with better quality than when you're using raster . What I mean by this is that for example, when when you create an image with vector and zoom in on it, the image will look the same. However, if you zoom in on a image with raster the image will look so much different and the pixels start to show. Also, rasters are found in JPG and PNG formats on Graphicstock.com.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Global and Context- Identities and Relationships:

1.Little paper message- This video is about a man on this Island that wrote a little message on this small piece of paper that he then made it into a paper airplane and send it to someone special to him. After that, the airplane keeps flying away to its destination and once it reaches it, the little letter will say the words "I love you" in it. The reason why this goes with the context is because in the video they show how human beings actually are and how they feel towards others for example, family and friends. It also showed how much humans actually care about their relationship and what would they do to keep it going.

2. "This song saved my life"- This video is about a kid who is explaining how the song that is being played throughout the video saved his life. It also shows how many teens feel like that they are being forced to change the way they are and the way they act in front of people. What I mean by that is that sometimes they feel like they don't fit in or they don't belong where they are at that moment, like they feel like they don't have a purpose. The reason why this video goes with the global context is because they are showing how human beings feel about themselves and the other people around them.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Global and Context-Orientation in Space and Time

1. Small Talk- A personal Project Short Film: The video is about a teenager that can only communicate with her parents and friends by texting them with modern technology. But all of a sudden the signal goes out in the house of these people and now they have to talk between them selves and realize that they don't really know how to because they have been spending too much time with their phones and not making physical contact. This video goes with this context because it show's how people over used modern technology in this generation and most likely in future as well.

2. A tale of two cities- Hong Kong and Shenzhen: The video was about explaining how Hong Kong and Shenzhen are one of the the most riches and modern cities in China. They also talk about their transportation system and how good it is and how it works in those cities. After they talk about the cities they discuss the topic of their food budget.  This goes with the global context because it show's how fast did these two cities improve on their transportation and their food resources.

Global and Context-Globalization and Sustainability

1. A global warming Animation- This video is about showing how global warming is affecting the resources and animas around it and how hurtful it can be to them. It also show's how factories are hurting the environment and the people around them. This corresponds to this global context because it show's how factories can hurt the animals and environment around it.
2. The great Escape- This video was about talking cans, talking to each other about how good it is to recycle items that need to be recycle so we can make this a better world for ourselves and the environment around us. This video goes with the context because it showed how bad it to have factories so close to environments that have many animals ad may be killed as well.


Global Context-Fairness and Development:

  1. Recycling Short Film: The video was about a cereal box that was getting worried about her life and her used to the family that she was living with. Therefor she went to the doctors office and told him what was wrong and if he could do anything to change that. The doctor told her that there was nothing else to do and that she only have two choices, one she can either go and die in the trash or be recycle like every trash should be because that is the right thing to do.
     I think this video goes with the context because it explains how important is recycling to the environment and the community. By doing this the world will become a better place a for both humans and animals.
 2. Learn to Swim Awareness: The video is about a children in Vietnam that do not know how to swim and their job in the video is to show that a large amount of children are drown everyday in Vietnam. So what they have been trying to do is help this children swim do they can be more safe and more confident when they go outside in the real world. This goes with the context because people are trying to help others to live longer by teaching them a really good life leason skill.