Friday, September 30, 2016


Today it was fun experimenting with Karel and I found many cool skills about him.


At first this puzzle was a little confusing, because I was not sure on how to complete this step. The first thing I did to finish this puzzle is move the zombie forward and then made him take a right. After that I used the repeat tool to move the zombie forward 4 times to make it easier and not to waste as much space. Once I made the zombie go forward I had to make him turn left and once again use the repeat tool to make him go forward 4 times. After that, I made the zombie turn left and use the repeat tool to make the zombie go forward 3 times and that's how I solve this puzzle.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


What is an IB education?

An IB education is a four High-quality and challenging program that can help you out a lot in your future and your future career. It can showy so many different languages around the world. It can teach you so much knowledge around the world and cultures. It may even show you more about your own culture in many way.

IB Learner Profile

The 3 strongest characteristics I think I'm good at are open-minded, caring and, risk-taker because I think that I use this characteristics almost every day and I'm pretty good at them when it comes to schoolwork. Caring is an important one for me because I think Is one of the most important one's there are to learn from and keeping that skill for the rest of your life can help you out a lot in the future. It's very important to respect yourself and others. The 3 characteristics I think I need more help with are thinkers, communicators,
and knowledgeable because I don't think I'm really good at using them and not really sure on how to use them.