Friday, January 13, 2017


Global Context-Fairness and Development:

  1. Recycling Short Film: The video was about a cereal box that was getting worried about her life and her used to the family that she was living with. Therefor she went to the doctors office and told him what was wrong and if he could do anything to change that. The doctor told her that there was nothing else to do and that she only have two choices, one she can either go and die in the trash or be recycle like every trash should be because that is the right thing to do.
     I think this video goes with the context because it explains how important is recycling to the environment and the community. By doing this the world will become a better place a for both humans and animals.
 2. Learn to Swim Awareness: The video is about a children in Vietnam that do not know how to swim and their job in the video is to show that a large amount of children are drown everyday in Vietnam. So what they have been trying to do is help this children swim do they can be more safe and more confident when they go outside in the real world. This goes with the context because people are trying to help others to live longer by teaching them a really good life leason skill.

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