Friday, January 13, 2017


Global and Context-Orientation in Space and Time

1. Small Talk- A personal Project Short Film: The video is about a teenager that can only communicate with her parents and friends by texting them with modern technology. But all of a sudden the signal goes out in the house of these people and now they have to talk between them selves and realize that they don't really know how to because they have been spending too much time with their phones and not making physical contact. This video goes with this context because it show's how people over used modern technology in this generation and most likely in future as well.

2. A tale of two cities- Hong Kong and Shenzhen: The video was about explaining how Hong Kong and Shenzhen are one of the the most riches and modern cities in China. They also talk about their transportation system and how good it is and how it works in those cities. After they talk about the cities they discuss the topic of their food budget.  This goes with the global context because it show's how fast did these two cities improve on their transportation and their food resources.

Global and Context-Globalization and Sustainability

1. A global warming Animation- This video is about showing how global warming is affecting the resources and animas around it and how hurtful it can be to them. It also show's how factories are hurting the environment and the people around them. This corresponds to this global context because it show's how factories can hurt the animals and environment around it.
2. The great Escape- This video was about talking cans, talking to each other about how good it is to recycle items that need to be recycle so we can make this a better world for ourselves and the environment around us. This video goes with the context because it showed how bad it to have factories so close to environments that have many animals ad may be killed as well.

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