Thursday, January 19, 2017


Global and Context- Identities and Relationships:

1.Little paper message- This video is about a man on this Island that wrote a little message on this small piece of paper that he then made it into a paper airplane and send it to someone special to him. After that, the airplane keeps flying away to its destination and once it reaches it, the little letter will say the words "I love you" in it. The reason why this goes with the context is because in the video they show how human beings actually are and how they feel towards others for example, family and friends. It also showed how much humans actually care about their relationship and what would they do to keep it going.

2. "This song saved my life"- This video is about a kid who is explaining how the song that is being played throughout the video saved his life. It also shows how many teens feel like that they are being forced to change the way they are and the way they act in front of people. What I mean by that is that sometimes they feel like they don't fit in or they don't belong where they are at that moment, like they feel like they don't have a purpose. The reason why this video goes with the global context is because they are showing how human beings feel about themselves and the other people around them.

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